Friday, June 12, 2009

Updates... Finally

So yeah, been a while since I've updated my blog, and I really should more often. Anyways, Snowdrift (the title for the iPhone game I worked on), did not match up to Cabbage Quest's success when my team presented it at MSU's DMAT Showcase. In fact, we didn't have much of a presentation at all, because the corner of the room that we stood at to display the game didn't pick up the building's wireless internet, and there really isn't a way to display Unity iPhone games without it. In hindsight we should've shot a video and nixed an attempt to give a live demo. Anyways, I hope Snowdrift launches this summer. We're 95% done, but the team has been distracted by other projects now that the summer was hit.

Not to mention that Bert has distracted me with World of Warcraft. I started playing during finals week, and I'll try to remember to post a full review on here when I hit level 80. I also finished off Bioshock, which was delicious, and will soon be finished with Banjo-Kazooie, which is classic. To top all of that off, I found a copy of the hard-to-find Ogre Battle 64 at Fort Wayne's Disc Replay, which is quite the find.

Back in the land of game development, I finished Nvidia's book on CG, which was an excellent guide for a beginner. This week I started working on trying some of it out in Unity, and so far the results are looking promising, although working through Unity's ShaderLab code can be a bit of a pain due to lack of documentation.

Well I'm off for now, but hopefully this post will be the start of another trend of blogging for me.

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