Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Glorious Return and a word on Optimism

So apparently I think it might be good to start talking to the wonderful abyss of the internet again, here in my dorm room at 2 AM. To be honest I wish I hadn't stopped, but maybe it took Meaningful Play last week to get my ass back into gear. I've missed out on giving everyone the lowdown on the awesomeness that was GDC 2010, as well as any discussion of games about squirrels, sheep, or minotaurs (significant parts of my endeavors since I disappeared from this blog).

I think maybe I had the urge to blog again because something is distressing me about the discussions I've had with designers hear at MSU after Meaningful Play. They're opposed to the guy that advocates games striving to be artwork. Few things have weirded me out more than design students, who I always picture as being overly optimistic about game design, being opposed to games as art. Maybe I'm being naive, but I'd like to think that aspiring game designers want to make games that have meaning, not "entertainment that is consumed much the same as a Coke." I know I'm still trying to be optimistic enough to think that there's potential for great art in game design.

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