Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've been more than a little busy since my last blog post, but Spring Break is finally here!!! Although this just means that I'll be doing homework in a different city, but I'm glad its here.  I'm currently working on two games in addition to Cabbage Quest (formerly referred to as Manatee Quest), and I should have links to at least one of them shortly after break.  Technically one is already available in Bert's portfolio, but it still needs a little more polish.

Speaking of Bert, I helped form an LLC, and Bert is our manager.  Downhill Games LLC is now an official Michigan company, and we're working on a game to release on the iPhone.  This is all pretty exciting for me because its only my first year in college (then again it's pretty stressful too).

In other news, I saw The Watchmen last night.  I want to see it again in the near future.  It was beautiful, but I recommend reading the book first.

Finally, to anyone that actually reads this page, check out Kelsey's awesome artwork at: http:/

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