Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anime? I don't know...

I've always had mixed feeling about anime and whether or not I like it or hate it.  My new roommate, Trusty, has been watching DVDs of IGPX and Full Metal Alchemist.  I've actually found myself enjoying IGPX, which is surprising to me because it exhibits a lot of the things that I hate about anime.  IGPX is plagued by poor dialogue, action scenes with sub-par cinematography, and some really corny scenes.  However, I do enjoy the characters and the plot to some degree, and its downfalls are usually fleeting and many scenes are actually well done.

Full Metal Alchemist has much better dialogue and cinematography, but I don't think I enjoy it nearly as much as IGPX.  I think it might be because I'm not a big fan of the characters.  The story revolves around a teenage boy and his quest to change his younger brother back into a normal human, as he has been turned into a living suit of armor.  The little brother apparently was 6 when the series started and is 10 in the DVDs Trusty was watching.  I feel like they chose to have a little boy as one of the protagonists, so that they could exhibit innocence and pacifism in a character.  I don't think that was necessary and I find myself finding the little boy annoying.
So, mixed feelings about both of those series.  However, there is one anime that I enjoy a lot.  I watched every episode of Trigun over the course of two weeks about a year and a half ago.  That series really impressed me.  The protagonist is a pacifist who is wrongfully wanted for blowing up a city with a reward of 60 billion dollars.  The dialogue is good, and I think the series has many strong themes running through it.  All in all, I've always felt that Trigun overcame many of the shortcomings of anime.

I'm thinking I might drop the 50 dollars for the first half of the Trigun series.  It's just that awesome.

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