Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So last night I went and saw the band See You Next Tuesday, which I have to admit, was a lot of fun.  However, something has really been bothering me.  All of the bands opening up foe See You Next Tuesday weren't very good.   Sure, they were local bands and locals are generally less talented than nationally touring acts, but I never seem to understand why they can't figure out that there might be reason why everyone in the crowd pretty much stands still while they play.

However, that mystery is dwarfed by the fact that the opening bands were also a very different style of music than the headlining band.  Sure, in a really broad sense the locals and the headliner might both be categorized as "metal," but the locals all played very generic and slow metalcore.  See You Next Tuesday plays very fast, experimental grindcore.  The way this played out was that I was quite bored for the first three bands and then finally had a good time when See You Next Tuesday got on stage.

I always thought opening bands were supposed to get the crowd excited and energized.  I have yet to go to a concert in Michigan where the opening acts actually do that.  Then again, maybe that's an Indiana thing.

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