Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ska died. Again.

I'm going to see We Are The Union tonight at Mac's Bar.  WATU is still going strong despite the fact that the ska scene that I knew and loved has begun to dissolve.  I feel like this always happens with ska music.  It dies but it won't stay dead.  Someone always comes along and turns it into something fresh, and it builds a following.  My friend Johnny Tsunami, saxophone player for WATU and The Flaming Tsunamis, told me a couple of weeks ago that everyone in the scene was friends.  The problem is that our scene's not growing, but rather growing up and getting old.  As a result, many of the significant bands have decided to call it quits, such as The Fad and Public Access, and there are more that have yet to officially announce that they will be no more.

Needless to say the whole thing bums me out a little bit.  It's especially weird that at the golden age of 18, I am "old."  However, I have a lot of hope that the next generation ska bands that are making something fresh and new.  I feel like Bomb the Music Industry! has started an entire era of bands releasing their music for free.  WATU is something fresh as well, considering they really do an awesome job of blending posi-pop punk with ska in ways that I find much more enjoyable than Less Than Jake, considering I never really could get into Less Than Jake.

Anyways, I'm stoked for some awesome music tonight and I think I'm going to make a road trip to Connecticut where a lot of the bands that are breaking up are playing one last show together.

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