Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unite 2010 round-up

I've been in Montreal all week for Unite 2010 and I figured I post up my thought on the conference now that things are winding down as we wait for our flight back to the states. In short summary - the conference was awesome, for something that is substantially cheaper than the spring's GDC festivities, the quality of sessions was superb.

Some highlights of the week were:
  • Tools: Lots of talk about developers simplifying their workflow and empowering their artists/designers by writing custom tools with Unity's great flexibility. Adam Mechtley = genius editor tools, best hope his recorded talks get posted.
  • New breadth of platforms: Unity Technologies is trying to become all encompassing, now spreading to support for Windows, Mac, Web Player, iPhone, Android, 360, PS3, and Wii. The demo of the PS3 version looked like it was very easy to use.
  • Unity Asset Store means that Unity Tech now also includes people that make middleware for middleware in their target consumer base.
  • Great Conference party hosted by Unity Tech on Thursday. Open bar = win.
  • David Helgason's collar was, as usual, popped straighter than god.

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